About Us

Tizmoret is in its 20th(!) year as Queens College Hillel’s professional Jewish a cappella group. Tizmoret draws singers from colleges throughout the New York City area and has taken Jewish collegiate a cappella to the next level, performing classic Jewish melodies, American pop music and contemporary Israeli tunes. They have produced six CDs, and just recently released their first EP, Where We Begin. Tizmoret has performed for college campuses, countless b’nei-mitzvah and synagogues, and various music festivals across the Eastern United States. They recently toured the east coast, won the 5th annual Long Island College A Cappella Challenge in 2010, won Kol HaOlam, (the National Jewish Collegiate A Cappella Competition) in 2011, 2012, and 2015, performed in Italy at a New Year’s party, and performed at the annual White House Hanukkah party in 2014!

Director: Daniel Henkin

For over twenty five years, Daniel Henkin has conducted Jewish and secular choirs for children, teenagers, and adults, and has produced more than a dozen albums of Jewish and secular choral music. He has directed ensembles at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher and Merkin Halls. As an arranger and conductor, Daniel has helped pioneer the contemporary Jewish a cappella movement today. His choral arrangements are performed by ensembles throughout North America and Israel, and have shaped the sound and style of this generation’s Jewish a cappella choirs. Daniel Henkin received his BA in Music and Philosophy from Columbia University, and his Masters degree in Music Composition from Indiana University’s School of Music. Daniel is Director of Music at the Ramaz Upper School in Manhattan. He has taught music at the Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union and at the Yeshivah of Flatbush. He also is one of three recipients of the Covenant Award for 2016! More details here: http://www.covenantfn.org/news/three-jewish-educators-leaders-of-innovation-and-impact-in-the-field-receive-the-2016-covenant-award/


Amanda Cinnamon

Amanda Cinnamon has had two passions for most of her life: education and music. She combined these by majoring in education at Stern College for Women and being a member of and eventually directing Stern's a cappella group, the B'notes. She also loves to dance (in virtually any style!) and would be perfectly happy to survive solely on pasta. Forever. She is so excited to continue with Tizmoret as a soprano!

Brittney Warner

Brittney Warner (Co-President) is a senior at Queens College studying Biology. Before joining Tizmoret, Brittney managed the a cappella groups Chock Full of Notes and Noteworthy at Plainview Old-Bethpage JFKHS. Brittney has many nicknames in the group, the most notable being Berkie. When she's not singing, you can find her in the library. She is excited to continue pursuing her a cappella passion throughout college and beyond!

Thalia Sharon

Thalia Sharon is a junior at New York University. She attended Ramaz Upper School and spent a year in Israel and around the world on Kivunim. Thalia served as president of the Ramaz Chamber Choir and is excited to continue her a cappella career with Tizmoret!!

Yael Spadaro

Yael Spadaro is a veteran soprano of Tizmoret!


Gabrielle Reich

Gabby, Gabs, Gabber, Gabrielle, or whatever you prefer to call her, is in her third year as an alto in Tizmoret. She’s loved singing ever since her first grade “Apples & Bananas” debut, and has been harmonizing with every melody ever since. Gabrielle has always had a passion for performing, and her outgoing personality has proven her to be successful! When she’s not belting those notes, she can be found at her latest talk show job, Instagramming for herself and Tizmoret (Follow us @Tizmoretqc), dressing the group for outings, or celebrating the fact that she completed her degree at Brooklyn College with a major in Television and Radio at the age of 20. Anyone hiring?

Leora Graber

Leora Graber, an alto with attitude, is returning for her fourth year in the group and second year as Co-President of Tizmoret! Leora just graduated from Queens College in December 2015 as a double-major in Dance and Psychology. She will be starting a master's program in Arts Administration in the Fall 2016 semester. Leora has always loved singing and she continues to bring that love with her to Tizmoret. Though Leora has also been training in classical ballet for 18 years, when choreographing for Tizmoret, she doesn't make the group do any turns or leaps (and they thank her for that). Outside of Tizmoret, Leora can be found doing the same thing she does with Tizmoret: singing!

Maddy Rosenbaum

Ever since Maddy Rosenbaum was a little girl music has always been her passion. Maddy spent a year in Israel volunteering and studying at Machon Maayan, but is currently a student at Stern College for Women studying Speech Pathology. During her free time she enjoys exploring NYC, zumba, eating Chobani and Snapchatting. Maddy co-directed a high school a cappella group her senior year and is eager to continue her a cappella career with her Tiz family!

Nicole Zweiter

Whether it’s belting into her shower faucet or rocking out in her car, Nicole Zweiter is happiest when she is singing her heart out. She has lent her talents to the Frisch School Choir and Medley, HaZamir, as well as Camp Morasha harmonies for the past four summers. She is so excited to bring her hairbrush karaoke skills and experience to Tizmoret, and she is looking forward to learning from her fellow a-ca-people. Nicole is also a sophomore at Queens College, has a love of pizza and pillow pets, an irrational fear of haircuts, and can quote the entirety of Pitch Perfect.

Tamara Heller

Tamara Heller is a sophomore at Queens College. When she's not singing, you may find her working on her newest art project (she designed our album "Score" if that's any indication). No, she is not related to our tenor, Simcha.


Azriel Zylberberg

Azriel Zylberberg is a freshman at Queens College, and is one of Tizmoret's new tenors!

Nathaniel Ribner

Sweet and smooth, like silk, the alluring voice of Nathaniel Ribner (tenor/vocal percussion) has been the object of much speculation amongst scholars. Anthropologists suggest that the alluring undulations of his tenor voice can be traced back to the musical bards of Grecian Aristocracy. It was they who served as the inspiration for Homer’s mythical creatures, the Sirens, from whose voices no mortal could escape enchantment. Is Nathaniel a descendent of these Bards? Or was Homer’s writing more than just fiction? Until this mystery is resolved, doctors recommend that it is safest to hear Nathaniel sing amidst the singers Tizmoret. These singers, while surely not demigods, are heroic mortals powerful enough to keep Nathaniel’s alleged enchantment safely at bay… Also, Jesse Shore wrote this bio.

Simcha Schoenbrun

Simcha Schoenbrun, after returning to QC from an epic quest, decided that since he loves singing so much, he would take a shot at joining Tizmoret as a tenor. Successful in completing this endeavor, he is now able to check this off his list and move on to far less pressing matters, like taking over the world or learning to move objects with his mind. A natural redhead, Simcha is a Scorpio, loves his bourbon neat, and sometimes walks with a cane for funsies.


Cory Hecht

Cory Hecht (Co-President/Webmaster /Bass/Vocal Perussion) is studying vocal music at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College. Prior to Tizmoret, he was a member of the B Sharps and Chock Full of Notes, both at Plainview Old-Bethpage JFKHS, and he founded and was the president of Stay Tuned at SUNY Potsdam. His achievements outside of Tizmoret include singing for the Israeli consul by invitation for Israel’s 60th birthday, performing at Carnagie Hall, creating/maintaining multiple websites (including this one), and more. Cory is a member of CASA (Contemporary A Capella Society of America), AEA (A cappella Educators Association), ACDA (American Choral Directors Association), and NAfME (National Association for Music Educators). For more information please visit www.CoryHecht.com.

Eitan Rubin

Eitan Rubin, formerly known to many as ‘J-money’, is a bass in the Tizmoret crew. Attending Kushner Yeshiva High school and just getting back from a year at Eretz Hatzvi, Eitan discovered his love for singing in the comfort of his shower. Though he does come from a long lineage of talented singers, Eitan has always been a music lover. He started from teaching himself how to play guitar (lefty at that) to joining an awesome band, all in under 4 years time. While he is not listening, playing, or singing music, Eitan can be found selling pickles, taking pictures, socializing with girls, watching breaking bad…the list can go on and on.

Gedalia Penner

When Gedalia Penner is not harmonizing with the trains in Washington Heights or the refrigerators in Target, he can usually be found asleep or otherwise unconscious. He is a junior at Yeshiva University studying Music and Sociology, and loves arranging and composing when he has time (he doesn’t). Singing and music have always been his passions, and he is honored and excited to bring his voice to the illustrious Tizmoret sound.

Yoni Gelfand

Yoni Gelfand is a sophomore at Baruch College. He auditioned for Tizmoret, not realizing how drastically it would alter his life once accepted. He does still sing in the shower, though.